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Be All That You Can't Be

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     You find yourself in the country of Voidesmarche, the center of Rumeria, in the town of Havenport-Shelterdoor. What will you do? Will you be courageous and fight the Monsters of the land? Join the Crimson Alliance or venture off on your own? What discoveries will you make? Face these challenges and more at Alliance Kansas, a medieval fantasy Live Action Role Play. Choose from a variety of races and pick your occupation! Interact with the world and other players through your character. Fight Monsters and other players, throw spells, sell your wares for coin, and discover this magical world created just for you!  

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Be All That You Can't Be

 Live the Adventure via Live Action Role Play. 

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Magic, Fighting, and Lore

 Experience the world of Rumeria: Sell your wares, meet new adventurers, take on monsters, and so much more! 

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Start off as an NPC to get the feel of LARP! Then create your very own PC to interact with the world.

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We have over 200 acres including a lake, a three level tree house cabin, yurts, a tavern, and much more!

Camp Four Winds near Leon, Kansas is located about 55 minutes East of Wichita! View our Photo Gallery for a sneak peek at the facility!

Camp Four Winds

9236 SE Quivera Rd, Leon, Kansas 67074, United States

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